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Ace Building & Construction Pty Ltd is operated by Allen Jaber, the director of the company with over 20 years experience in interior and exterior carpentry and in the design, construction and project management of quality residential developments, renovations and extensions. We are qualified and certified in carpentry, building and construction.

Our company is well recognised to deliver high quality home building, carpentry and construction to be precise, on time and on budget.
We offer our clients valuable and thorough communication along with tailored project management solutions for the deisgn and construction of new homes, home renovations, home extensions and home additions.

We are a productive team with years of trade experience, recognised for its ability to always provide and encourage:
  • Work on time
  • Professional workmanship on proposed construction task & a quality effective outcome
  • Happy and satisfied customers with a positve experience
  • Good financial benefits

We know there is no job too small, large or too difficult for us as we embrace a challenge, so the moment you make that all important decision to build or renovate, we come to your site for a no obligation free quote, we specialise in the design, construction and project management of quality residential developments.

Insurance and Warranties:

At Ace Building & Construction Pty Ltd: We guarantee to protect our customers, tradespeople and our company by providing appropriate insurances and warranties for all the projects we undertake.
Contractor's Licence Number: 54000C
Contract Works Insurance: Our contract works insurance is designed to cover losses during the construction of a building. These losses can either be material damage to the property being built or damage or loss to a Third Party property or person. We have contract works insurance for residential construction that includes the following:
  • Public Liability of $10 million
  • Products Liability of $10 million
Work Cover: Ace Building & Construction has work cover insurance for our employees to cover any potential injuries on the job site.

Home Owners Warranty

Before signing contracts after we receive a letter of appointment to a specific job, we arrange a Home Owner's Warranty for every new client project.

A Home Owner's Warranty is required by law and is designed to protect customers from faulty and incomplete work, where the contractor, or owner-builder, or developer becomes insolvent, dies or disappears.

Defects and Warranties

Our contracts for new homes come with a warranty known as a 'defects and liability period'. This is usually 13 weeks for new homes, however it can vary from project to project, so this would be confirmed prior to the commencement of a new job.

7 Year Guarantee on Structural Defects

There is a 7 year warranty for structural defects, taking into account fair wear and tear.

Your work is delivered on time, and on budget.

Ace Building and Constructions guarantees to deliver the work specified in the contract, on time and for the contract amount. This means that Ace Building and Constructions will complete the work specified in the contract, subject to any written variations, within the time frame specified and for a fixed price estimate in the contract.

For further enquires on your proposed project please call on 0404 567 899
Contact us for your no obligation consultation about your project

Ace building and construction
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